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Footprints of Polonia: Polish Historical Sites Across North America


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A version of this guide was originally published in 1992, and in the intervening decades, many shifts have occurred in Polish American communities. The Polish American Historical Association (PAHA) initiated work on this new volume with the goal of highlighting new sites of Polish-interest and the important ways in which Polish immigrants contributed to history, politics, arts and society. This book explores key Polish-interest sites in forty-six U.S. states, eight Canadian provinces and parts of Mexico and the Caribbean as well.

This project is based on the input of volunteers from Polish organizations all over North America, who helped identify the most important sites in their region and provided summaries and pictures for over 200 entries. The guide is organized alphabetically by states and provinces, with entries that describe the historical significance of each site. Most entries also include a color photo. Informative prefaces and introductions from the editor and other historians help contextualize the culture of Polish immigrants and their deep, lasting connection to Poland.

Footprints of Polonia can serve as the perfect travel companion for anyone who wants to learn about the rich history and heritage of the Polish diaspora. It is also an excellent resource for Polish language schools and Polish American organizations who want to learn more about and take pride in sites of interest in their area.

  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • Written by Ewa E. Barczyk

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